Monday, February 13, 2006

Chaplain Kacela and Katrina/New Orleans

You may have noticed a comment from Xolani Kaceli. He is a Chaplain in the Air Force National Guard holding the rank of Captain. I had the distinct priveledge of being his assistant, for a short period of time, during my "little trip" to New Orleans to support the Hurricane Katrina mission. He is the epitomy of "An Officer and a Gentleman".

One of my duties was to drive the good Chaplain from point "A" to point "B" in a HumVee. There were actually two chaplain assistants on this drive, myself and SGT Abe Laws. It was dark and I was driving us back to the AO (area of operations). I was having difficulty with the dimmer switch on the Hummer; foot operated like the old days. It would stick and was hard to dim the lights. On this particular occassion, I decided to stomp the dimmer switch. Well, I lifted my foot in an attempt to stomp the dimmer switch. Keep in mind that there is NO light inside these vehicles. Instead of stomping the dimmer switch, I hit the brake pedal! It seems that the good Chaplain had dozed off, obviously comfortable in my ability to get us back to the AO safely. The result was Chaplain Kacela being thrown forward with quite a thrust and awakend with quite a start. He remaind the perfect gentleman that he is. Abe and I had quite a laugh that evening after dropping off the Chap. Just another good military memory added to my gray matter.

Chaplain Kacela, I salute you, SIR! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Your friend and humble servant,


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