Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Place Ranch Update (Click on each pic for larger view)

We have pretty much finished with the Ranch except for landscaping. I want to use lots of tropicals, palms, banana trees, etc.
Our pad is 25x50 and I covered the whole thing. I have always wanted to be able to sit out or grill out while raining; now I can. I added full hookups that include 50, 30 and 20 Amps, water and sewer.
I built a 14x14 deck of treated pine off the end of the concrete pad and had a 10x12 shed delivered and set up.
This view is from the other side of what everyone calls the Rio Grande. I decided to set the pad up so that I pull in instead of backing in from the road. It allows a nice view of the lake.
If you are new to our Blog, please scroll down and you will see some pics of the Ranch before any improvements. It is a major change. Alice and I are excited at the opportunity to spend some winters in Rockport, Texas.

This is the view from inside our motorhome. Note the Long Horn steer. There are two there and the frequently swim and graze on my pasture. The steers' owner gets pretty upset when he has to chase them down.

My deck pictures are a little out of sequence. More on this deck later. This is the side of the deck where Alice caught the 3 pound bass. It was quite exciting.
The area to the left (sand) is where I plan to put bannana trees and other tropicals.

Our deck that I built as described in another picture below.

Have not seen the alligator in quite sometime. I heard that maybe someone gave him a cranial lead injection, much to my disappointment.

View from the corner of our ranch.
Yep, I had to buy a dad-blamed lawnmower.

This is a view from the lake, looking toward the road. I bought this shed and is what I have been wanting for a long time. It is 10x12 and holds all our "stuff" and my beloved Harley.
Again, all it needs now is some landscaping.

More pictures of the deck I built. The deck measures 14x14. It will look really nice once I get some bushes and tropicals in there.

Alice sitting on deck. Note fishing pole inserted in the chiminea.
Our lot ends at the lake and the left side borders the lake. Fishing is very good there for bass and talapia.

Picture of the deck I built. Weber Baby Q 100 in foreground.
Alice caught a 3 pound bass fishing off the deck.

Views from the road.

View of our covered pad from the road.

Barry with his pride and joy; the Weber Q 300 gas grill.