Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Great Egret

One morning while drinking coffee on the deck, this Great Egret jumps on the deck and approaches me (Barry). He was so close I thought he was going to peck my leg. I called Alice and she brought a shrimp and fed it it to him. I was able to take some pretty good pictures.

Bird Lady at Goose Island State Park

This lady visited Goose Island State Park near Rockport, Texas. She made an excellent talk about birds of prey. She brought along a Great Horned Owl, an American Kestrel, and the Crested Caracara that is pictured here and below with Alice.

This is Alice with a Crested Caracara. This is a beautiful bird that feeds on carrion (dead things). It is much cleaner than a vulture and is very similar to a falcon.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Annual Saint Valentine's Day Shrimp Boil And Sweetheart Ball

On February 14th, 2008, Alice and I hosted the First Annual Saint Valentine's Day Shrimp Boil and Sweetheart Ball. It was held at the Ranch in Rockport (Lamar), Texas. We were honored with the presence of three other couples who are camping friends we have met over the years at the Thousand Trails Preserve, Lake Tawakoni.

In this picture you can see that the shrimp is boiling quite nicely.

We stuffed ourselves on boiled shrimp; boiled corn and red potatoes. I also made some stuffed Jalapeno peppers on my new pepper rack, which is also pictured here. The peppers were cored and stuffed with cream cheese and a shrimp, then wrapped in bacon. I also grilled some Earl Campbell's hot sausages. Earl, of the Dallas Cowboys fame, puts his name on an excellent sausage. To top off the menu we also had green beans and a potato casserole. Fudge was for desert.

The pictures speak for themselves; everyone had a great time and Alice and I have started plans for the Second Annual Saint Valentine's Day Shrimp Boil and Sweetheart Ball.

Dont forget that you can click on each picture for a larger view

Some more happy campers.
Barry with the female participants of the First Annual Saint Valentine's Day Shrimp Boil and Sweetheart Boil. Where's Alice?

Me and Alice getting ready for the festivities.

Alice ordered us to stand in groups of two. This would decrease casualties in case of a terrorist attack.

This is a group picture of the participants of the First Annual St. Valentine's Day Shrimp Boil and Sweetheart Ball